Free Conversation

Duration: 50 Mins
Immerse yourself in a practical English conversation about various topics: anything under the sun! Practice speaking through a series of role-plays, which will help you gain enough confidence in communicating using English to people from around the world.

Business English Communication

Business English Basics

Duration: 50 Mins
Jumpstart your career with the basics of English knowledge in the workplace. Learn the different levels of politeness, respond promptly to questions, and mingle your way into the international business scene.

Business English Expansion

Duration: 50 Mins
Accelerate the depth of your understanding of international business culture by studying useful language in the workplace. Sharpen your senses to the different nuances in the sentence structure. Learn through role-playing, case studies, and discussions.

Business English Presentation

Duration: 50 Mins
Become a master communicator in your field of expertise. Lead your team of professionals all over the world by engaging in discussions, sharing of opinions, and presenting a topic through oral means.

Reading & Comprehension Class

Duration: 50 Mins
Expand your knowledge about the world and engage in fruitful discussions about interesting topics through reading articles

Effective English Writing

Duration: 50 Mins
Express yourself through written work effectively through writing formal letters and emails, interesting articles, and insightful essays.

Callan & Pronunciation

Duration: 50 Mins
Practice listening and answering questions directly through the Callan method. This is regarded as the fastest and easiest way to enhance your speaking and listening skills in English. Coupled with our pronunciation exercises and with rigorous repetition, you’ll surely be able to communicate in English more accurately in no time!

Customized Curriculum

Contact us for fully customized summer or winter camp programs. We will arrange for the lessons, accommodation, and schedule according to your needs. This camp is open for toddlers up to Junior High School students and will be held on the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines. Book us now for a more fun and memorable English camping experience.

Travel English Ambassador

Customized Duration

Explore the wonderful scenic spots and must-visit attractions together with your personal guide, ambassador, and a teacher. Learn English phrases then and there, as you travel and experience the local culture.