SETC Global exists to provide students with a fully online, man-to-man, and world-famous Special English Tutorial Center, by offering learners certified and expert teachers who deliver a personal, affordable, and fun approach to learning the English language. Customer service, learner satisfaction, and overall growth are our priority. While providing students with a phenomenal, effective, and memorable English Tutoring Service, SETC Global strives to have a team of exceptionally equipped teachers, using the best and newest technologies and resources that contribute to the advancement of and provide leadership for the TESOL profession.

SETC Global embraces this mission through its teaching, online testing initiatives, and programs that support international students and the community at large. As a unit, we are dedicated to serving the international student and professionals, because English is not their first language, often need support and additional English instruction before beginning their academic programs. We strive to be the first Cafe English and best Special English Tutorial Center on the markets. We want to globally see learners succeeding in their English language endeavors, feeling satisfied, and referring peers.