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I have been teaching English for 15 years with experience in developing customized programs to suit the student’s needs. I specialize in Business English lessons, which will set them up for a great career anywhere in the world. Here in SETCGlobal, we aim to provide high-quality courses to improve the student’s communicative ability and to help them reach their goals through English education.
Teacher Mel
I have great fun and memorable experience teaching English for two years and handling students from all walks of life – toddlers, children, teens, adults, and senior citizens As a language student myself, I sympathize with my students having a hard time learning because English is not their first language. So, when I teach, I make sure to provide practical yet fun activities in my classes, like role-plays and games.
Teacher Marvi

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Register a free profile, fill out the application form with complete information, and click submit. Once verified, you can proceed to a free webinar, free demo, or payment for you to start viewing available courses and the teacher’s portfolio.


Select a retail English lesson and read the description of the program from our course list. Once you identify the course that suits your needs for the English Language Education, choose the course to view the teacher’s profile and schedules.


Book the teacher who is available to conduct lessons in your course of choice. View the teacher’s profiles and read their experiences and qualifications, then watch their video. If you see someone you like, book them on their open schedule.


Attend classes regularly for a memorable learning experience. With us, you can create your own timeframe and not feel the rush that comes with classroom training. So, enjoy practicing English with certified teachers and subject matter experts.


Track your progress after class for a lesson report detailing your performance can be viewed on your account. Your teacher may also put some recommendations and tips on how you can improve, so be sure to follow them on your extra study time.

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